Mead HS Senior Photographer | Aaron

This session was surrounded by the punchline of the Pterodactyl joke…know it?  (Has to do with the silent “P”!)

Aaron spent most of his session laughing at the idea of the punch line, and we had a great time.  I really enjoyed hanging out with this former student.  I’ve been really glad to see him blossom!   Good Luck to you, Aaron!



Mead HS Senior Photographer | Katie

Katie is another senior that is special to me–another Mead MS kid that I met in 6th grade.  She’s an amazingly talented violinist, but learned percussion in band with me.
It’s been a real treat seeing some of my former students all grown up and taking senior pictures!

Of course, we shot some without her violin, but these were a few of my favorites!




Longmont HS Senior Photographer | Justin

Meet Justin!

Not all all the beginner trombone student I first met heading into his sixth grade year, but instead a grown up, musical, nice young man.  It was such an honor to photograph his senior pictures; a full circle experience!
I’m also looking forward to working with his two best friends and doing some really fun stuff with the three of them!





Loveland Calendar Club | July’s Firecrackers Mini Session

It’s so much fun to invite kids into the studio each month!  We’ve posted some of our favorites on facebook,
but it’s time they joined us over here, too!

Since the year is half way over, let’s get this show on the road!  We plan on adding previous sessions hear, so be on the lookout!

If this might be right up your alley, contact us and we can either add you to our existing club this year, or you can gear up for next year!