Loveland Calendar Club | July’s Firecrackers Mini Session

It’s so much fun to invite kids into the studio each month!  We’ve posted some of our favorites on facebook,
but it’s time they joined us over here, too!

Since the year is half way over, let’s get this show on the road!  We plan on adding previous sessions hear, so be on the lookout!

If this might be right up your alley, contact us and we can either add you to our existing club this year, or you can gear up for next year!



Holiday Fire Sale

We are running a fabulous sale for our families and seniors from November 1-5!!

All families and seniors who have had pictures taken from this year or previous years… don’t miss out on this opportunity to get some fabulous products, and mark some Christmas gifts off your list!! Give us a call at 970-481-3249 to order. Check out the details below!




Gustafson Maternity – Jodi and Matt, Milo and Jasper and baby

Jodi and Matt Gustafson Maternity Session

This beautiful family. Matt and Jodi pregnant with their third baby (which I now have the honor of photographing all the time) Miss Ruby! Jodi, you are stunning in every way in these pictures – and in her wedding dress to boot!

Milo and Jasper


Milo and Jasper with Dad


Jodi – you are stunning


The Gustafson Family



The Doe Family – Urban and Adorable!

The Beautiful Niki Woods Doe has been a favorite client at Sugar Mill for quite some time! She is an exceptional artist, a stunning model and one of the most genuine people I’ve met! She has modeled for us on numerous occasions –  sporting crazy outfits, hairdo’s and high heels for hours on end. I just love her. Niki  –  thank you for bringing me your adorable family and letting me capture you all in your element! Steve is a Fireman and we incorporated a few items in the shots with the most stunning little man, Lee.  We also used one of Niki’s paintings as a backdrop – the best of both worlds – Here are a few of my favorites from our shoot. ~Christy



Just love the back of their necks when they are little!

Mary A. deKoevend

Great to see Nikki and her family. I smiled a lot.

Sue Doe

WOW! These are fabulous!